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Third Gen Design has been in operation since January 1, 2019. Located in North Bay, Ontario. We are a young company but have an old history in the industry. Third Gen Design is an evolution of x-height Graphics Inc. Third Gen Design is the culmination of three generations of graphic designers. Mandy’s father Kevin Strang began x-height Graphics Inc., over thirty years ago and Kevin’s grandfather was a designer before most of the technology used in the industry today was even invented. Mandy was passed the torch when Kevin retired. Having worked side by side with her father for 8 years, Mandy continues the creative legacy at the helm of this newly created company. Mandy has brought her cousin, Whitney Strang, on board as a full- time employee to truly embrace the traditions and values of the family run business her father instilled in her.

Third Gen Design is a graphic design, web design, traditional/digital branding and marketing company. They create visual solutions and marketing strategies to help clients promote and sell their products and/or services to get noticed in their competitive market.

Companies have to market their business, product and/or service to generate income and make their business viable. Their challenge is to create effective marketing within their personal skill set, limited time and set budgets to target buyers, generate awareness and end in sales. Third Gen Design creates effective marketing from design to delivery. Mandy and her team provide a high quality product for their clients at a competitive price. Third Gen Design works with start-up business, medium to large size corporations. Our service area spans great distances, working with clients in Northern and Southern Ontario, from the West Coast to the United States. With the capabilities of modern technology through working digitally, our work relationships have no boarders. We work with our clients as a team to uncover their needs such as key promotion and sales goals as well as the target market they are after. Third Gen Design uses tools learned through education and work experience to creatively solve the advertising problem.


A creative hub for high quality and innovative design.


We create visual branding, advertising and marketing in all shapes and forms using a committed team with limitless creativity; servicing our clients with high quality work at a competitive price.

Value Propositions:

Third Gen Design highly values “Creativity” in its design and workspace, “Quality” in our services and products, cooperation” within the team and with its clients, “Developing People” is fundamental to sustain our growth, “Commitment” to excellence, and “Client satisfaction”.


Photo of Mandy as a child

Owner | Creative Director

As the owner of Third Gen Design, Mandy is the Creative Director overseeing the development of graphic design, web and digital design, marketing, advertising and branding. Community outreach is an aspect of her family-owned business, which involves partnering with The Business Centre Nipissing Parry Sound (TBC). Mandy facilitates training in program delivery of Starter Company Plus and Summer Company. She also partners with TBC on events and training initiatives. As a dedicated member of the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce (NBDCC) for eight years, Mandy has served as Past Director on the Board for three years, and has chaired and participated on various committees over the years. Mandy now sits on the NECO Community Futures Development Corporation Board of Directors.

Mandy graduated from a 3-year graphic design program at Georgian College. Shortly after graduating she went back to school and achieved her Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Fine Art Studies from Nipissing University. Mandy has worked on a large scope of projects both in the public and private sectors for a variety of clients throughout the province.

Not only is Mandy a dedicated entrepreneur, she finds balance as a loving mother of two young children.

Photo of Whitney as a child


Graphic Designer | Digital Designer
Photo of Whitney as a child

The typical introvert, while I may appear quiet at first, design allows me to show my creativity and passion. The shy kid with a silly side, art was always one of my favourite subjects in school. With relatives on both sides of my family in the design field, I decided to follow in my family’s footsteps and graduated with a 3-year diploma in Graphic Design from Canadore College in 2015.  I’m so fortunate to be able to work in the field that I love side by side with people that I love.

When I’m not at my desk, I enjoy a variety of extra-curricular activities including everything from crochet to competitive video games.

I enjoy using my skills and knowledge to tackle clients’ unique design challenges. My personality hasn’t ever really fit into a box, and I don’t think yours needs to either.


Junior Designer

My name is Grace and I am a Designer! You have no idea how good it feels to say that. Those 4 simple words bring a huge smile to my face. 

Since graduating from Canadore College’s 3 Year Graphic Design Program, I’ve been welcomed into the Third Gen Design family and could not be happier. 

From logo to print design, I enjoy all aspects of graphic design. I find inspiration in even the smallest of things, whether it is a new colour palette or a new layout, I am always being inspired. Graphic Design has already brought me so much joy, I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


Due to COVID-19, our office is closed to the public until further notice. However we are still open for business! You can reach us by phone at our regular office number (705) 474-7505 or by email at mandy@thirdgendesign.ca or whitney@thirdgendesign.ca. We are also able to conduct virtual meetings through Zoom. We wish you all well in these uncertain times.

Keep calm, stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands!

The staff of Third Gen Design